As a part of the residency program at Craft Village India, I designed a collection of objects made of cement, for Craft Beton India.
During my 75-day stay at Craft Village in New Delhi, I developed - from concepts to molds - 15 lifestyle products in unique shapes and cement textures. From a sink and wall tiles to lamps and speakers - all made of cement in unique processes.

During the conceptual development, I drew inspiration from the incredible landscapes of India which informed the series' shapes and textures.

For official photos of the collection and sales by Craft Beton go HERE.
A Block Printing Workshop | Sand Lamp

A Couple in Mughal Tombs | Cherry Lamp

Pushkar Camel Fair | Point Speaker

On the Way to Pushkar | Terrazzo Lamp

Jama Masjid Delhi | Dune Tray

Stack of Tiles